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Sodick Europe

Proving that its belief in “green” technologies extends into every aspect of the Sodick organisation, Sodick Europe has just taken delivery of seven new BMW Hybrid cars at its HQ in Warwick. This investment is in addition to three electric/hybrid cars purchased since the Covid-19 lockdown, which joined a further four that were already part of the fleet.

The new cars are just one illustration of Sodick’s corporate philosophy of “actively working to contribute to a sustainable world”, not only by creating environmentally-friendly products and reducing manufacturing waste, but in all aspects of the company’s activities.

Sodick’s global policy of working to continuously improve its environmental impact is central to the company’s development vision, from the installation of solar power systems on rooftops at Miyazaki Factory (which operate at 800kW) to the use of teleconferencing to reduce the need for air travel, and to investing in electric and hybrid vehicles.

As Sodick Europe CEO, Peter Capp, explains, “As a company with a turnover of £60 million, with 17 distributors serving more than 35 countries, we believe that what each of us does can make a real difference. These new cars are just one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to Sodick’s green philosophy every day.”

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